Our Fleet

Our Fleet
Eurocopter EC120 B


The Eurocopter EC 120B single engine helicopters are new generation helicopters embracing the very latest technology and they are manufactured in France by the EADS group.

This group is well known for the Airbus aircraft and most recently the spectacular Airbus A380, the world’s largest commercial airliner; www.eads.com

Eurocopter produces a full range of helicopters utilised extensively for military and commercial operations globally. The EC120 was specifically designed for commercial passenger operations, and the fact that they are the quietest helicopters in their class, with wide cabin layouts and spacious cargo bays allowing us to provide ‘passenger friendly’ services par excellence.


Capacity: 5 (incl pilot)
Length: 9.6m
Height: 3.4m
Rotor Diameter: 10.0m
Full Tank Capacity: 406 Litres
Maximum Take-off Weight: 1715kg


Maximum Speed: 276 km/h
Cruise Speed: 184 km/h
Maximum Engine Power: 504 Hp
Range: 771 km
Service Ceiling: 6100 m
Rate of Climb: 7.36 m/s
Number in fleet: 3

Beechcraft 250

With the King Air renown as being the world’s most popular business aircraft, the King Air 250 satisfies all necessary requirements better than any other aircraft in its class. With the addition of composite components and a new ram air recovery system that ensures maximum power, the aircraft continues to build on the reputation of offering passenger comfort throughout every trip. The King Air 250’s new composite winglets and propellers deliver substantial improvements in take-off performance, without compromising – but actually increasing – speed, range and climb.

The spacious, handcrafted interior of the King Air 250 is remarkably versatile and comfortable. New ergonomic yokes and a standard lighted chart holder offer additional crew comfort, while the square-oval cabin provides generous passenger head and shoulder room. The elegant interior touches make the aircraft a significant business solution with prestigious amenities to match.

This aircraft is not currently available for commercial charter.

Vulcan Air P68 C


The Vulcanair Aircraft P68C Series is a six seater, twin engine, high wing, fixed landing gear aircraft.

Functional yet luxurious, the aircraft provides space for up to five adults providing passengers with ample space in comfortable leather seats… an experience synonymous with Zil Air’s aerial limo services. This Vulcanair underlines the core values of design excellence, the use of contemporary materials and the confidence of superb build quality and innovation.


Capacity: 6 (incl pilot)
Length: 9.55m
Height: 3.4m
Width: 12.0m
Full Tank Capacity: 696 Litres
Maximum Take-off Weight: 2084kg


Maximum Speed: 370 km/h
Cruise Speed: 230 km/h
Maximum Engine Power: 200 Hp
Range: 1850 km
Service Ceiling: 5500 m
Rate of Climb: 4 m/s
Number in fleet: 1