Scenic Flight Over Mahe Island

Scenic Flight Over Mahe Island
Scenic Options

Seychelles only luxury aerial limo service, offers breathtaking options to the entire Seychelles holiday experience. Offering international standards of reliability & precision, with an unprecedented blend of prestige and performance, this bespoke helicopter service defines the luxury of convenience and adventure travel in Seychelles.

Flights begin and return to the Zil Air VIP lounge, or alternatively our a la carte services can develop and schedule your flights from your chosen helipad, where you will be gracefully escorted to one of three elegant Euro copter EC120B helicopters in the fleet. Hop in to swish leather seats, buckle up, pop on the Bose noise cancelling headphones and you are ready for takeoff in air-conditioned comfort with spacious seating for four passengers.

When experiencing a scenic flight, in less than a minute the entire island of Mahé will reveal itself from a glorious ‘birds eye’ view. Iridescent green rolling landscapes integrate naturally with the black granite outcrops, highlighting the brilliant shades of the ocean ranging from the palest turquoise to the deepest blue. Explore the hidden coves and granite ravines of Mahé, the Sainte Anne Marine Park and small island group, then on to Praslin and La Digue, or perhaps a bespoke itinerary takes your fancy.

The state-of-the-art Zil Air helicopter and professional staff are at your service to create a lasting memorable lifetime adventure either on one of the listed scenic flights or your chosen a la carte menu of options.


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